Meet Eddy


I’m passionate about serving good food to friends and neigbors

Eddy grew up in Dearborn, Michigan which happens to be the home of Ford. After High School, he joined the US Navy and was able to travel the world aboard the USS America aircraft carrier. After serving in the military, Eddy decided to become a Commercial Diver, working in the Gulf of Mexico doing underwater welding and construction.

After being away from his family for many months on end, Eddy and his wife decided to move to Colorado and work in the hospitality industry. This was where Eddy began his love for food and Pizza in particular, working with an owner of a well established Pizzeria in Estes Park Colorado. Eddy learnt about the importance of using fresh ingredients to create delicious pizza.

Taking a leave from the hospitality industry, Eddy returned to the Commercial Diving world and returned to Houston. Eddy will say that the Houston area is home and is a wonderful place to raise his family.

Recently, Eddy was afforded the opportunity to open his own Pizzeria in Riverstone, which is next door to his home town of Sienna Plantation. “I am so excited to open Eddys Pizza and bring fresh food to my neighbors and friends.” You will find Eddy at his restaurant ready to serve you great food and also to chat and learn more about his neighbors.

“Thank you to all of the wonderful friends I’ve met now that I have opened Eddys Pizza. I’d love to meet you and for Eddys to become your local.”